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DUET™ Product Video

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How it Works

DUET™ guides the operator through all the steps necessary to carry out a job simply and efficiently. This includes tube sheet mapping, parameter input, measurements, verification and report generation. An intuitive graphic user interface makes navigation easy.

1. Job Setup | Tube Sheet MappingPR-Technology icon

Using a digital photo, CAD file or scanned schematic diagram, DUET™ automatically identifies and numbers the tube sheet.

2. Data Acquisition

The operator simply inserts the probe into the tube and clicks a button to begin inspection. Progress is monitored and displayed on the DUET™ Sound Gun.

3. Auto Analysis

DUET™ automatically applies statistical analysis algorithms and sensitivity thresholds to identify each defect.

4. Data Review and Report Generation

Inspection data is available in an easy-to-read format at three stages:

  • On-the-fly during the job to support marking specific tubes requiring further action.
  • Specific, user-defined time intervals such as end of shift or day.
  • Full detailed report in PDF or HTML format including drill down options, tabular reporting and screenshots of the detected flaws.