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Power Generation

AcousticEye's unique non-traversing technology is well suited for challenging physical environments, such as those prevalent in power generation facilities. We provide inspection solutions for traditional and "green" power generation applications, including coal, gas, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy. AcousticEye systems provide power plants with important advantages for minimizing downtime and improving operational productivity.

Applications (Case Studies):

PDF Rutledge 1

Power Plant
Condensers Titanium Tube

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PDF Hans-1

Combined Cycle Power Plant (Turkey)

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Case 7-1

Nuclear Power Plant (Russia)
Snail Shaped Tubes

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Case 8-1

Steam Generator Assembly Plant (Fin-Fans)
Tube & Weld Quality Assurance

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Case 12-1

Geothermal Power Plant (U.S.) - Emergency
24 Isobutane-Filled Heat Exchangers

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PDF Coal-1

Coal Fired Power Plant (U.S.)
2 Tubular Air Preheaters

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Case 18-1

Iron Smelting Plant (Venezuela)
Reduction Gas Preheating Furnace

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