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Our non-traversing inspection solutions assist leading chemical companies in achieving new levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability. This includes inspection of heat exchanger and boiler tubes in any shape or material up to 4" to meet the specific needs of chemical processing facilities.

Applications (Case Studies):

case 9-1

Chemical Plant
Graphite Condenser

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case 15-1

Reactor at Rohm and Haas
Reactors Can Develop Bulges

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case 10-2

Cargo Ship Carrying Liquid Chemicals
Boiler on Parcel Tanker

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PDF Chemical-1

Chemical Industry (USA)
2 Pre-Heater Waste Gas Incinerators

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Chemical Industry (France)
Heat Exchanger

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case 19-1

Nitrogen Plant (Mexico)
Compressed Air Cooler (Sea Water Cooled)

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